MGMA to HHS: Test ICD-10 costs and benefits

ICD-10Last Thursday (March 1, 2012) the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) sent a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius calling for detailed testing and analysis before ICD-10 implementation.

The letter identifies seven crucial steps including assessing the possibility of further work on ICD-9 rather than implementing ICD-10 and a cost-benefit analysis to determine the impact of ICD-10 on each healthcare sector. Susan Turney, MGMA president and CEO, wrote in the letter that "failure to complete these critical steps will divert scarce intellectual, educational, and financial resources away from the adoption of [health IT] and other more critical patient care-focused endeavors."

The seven crucial steps identified in the letter are:

  1. Complete a comprehensive cost benefit analysis.
  2. Pilot test ICD-10.
  3. Analyze the administrative and financial impact of overlapping initiatives.
  4. Evaluate additional code set approaches.
  5. Stagger implementation dates.
  6. Develop appropriate crosswalks.
  7. Require Certification.