Will delay improve ICD-10 readiness?

Stop ICD-10 As per previous blog articles, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebeluis has announced preparations to delay the introduction of ICD-10, to help physicians and others who are concerned at their ability to meet the current 2013 deadline.

However, according to this survey published on 27 February 2012:

  • Almost two thirds of respondents did not believe that delay would improve ICD-10 readiness,
  • Three quarters of respondents indicated that delay would disrupt other reform efforts,
  • 88% said that any delay should not exceed a year, with 69% indicating that a delay of more than two years would be "potentially catastrophic" or "unrecoverable", and
  • Most respondents indicated that delay would increase compliance costs, with 37% saying that a one-year delay would increase their costs by up to 50%.

The survey was by Edifecs, whose healthcare offerings include ICD-10 compliance and readiness systems. Edifecs conducted the survey of "more than 50 senior health care professionals" at its 2012 ICD-10 Summit in Florida, shortly after the HHS Secretary made her announcement.