AHIMA: Keep moving towards ICD-10

In a Press Release dated 30 January, 2012, the American Health Information Management Association is urging the health care industry to keep working towards implementing the ICD-10 coding system. This call comes after the American Medical Association (AMA) wrote to the House of Representatives Speaker asking him to block the move to ICD-10 implementation, as recorded in an earlier blog article. According to Dan Rode, AHIMA VP for advocacy and policy, "if health care providers stop their ICD-10 planning and implementation now and wait to see if Congress will take action, they will not be ready in time for the compliance date." Rode also observes that physicians will not be required to use the new ICD-10-PCS codes but will continue to use AMA’s own CPT classification system. “The concern that physicians must use all the codes in the ICD-10-CM system is inaccurate,” he says. Read the AHIMA Press Release here