ICD-10 in 2015? 2016? 2017?!

AMA pushing to stop ICD-10In November 2014 the New Your State Medical Society, the Texas Medical Association and the National Physicians' Council for Healthcare Policy wrote to House Speaker John Boehner asking for ICD-10 implementation to be delayed until 2017.

According to the letter, the delay is needed "to allow for physicians to work thru the myriad of new government regulations that face us. The costs of the new ICD-10 coding and billing mandates scheduled for October of 2015 will force financial disruptions and chaos. Patients will lose their doctors!"

The letter asks for the delay to be added as "a must pass piece of legislation during the upcoming Lame Duck Session in 2014."

Meanwhile AHIMA has posted a statement confirming its commitment to the October 2015 implementation date. The statement points to recent AHIMA research suggesting that the cost and process to change to ICD-10 is less than initially estimated for physicians.  The research says that costs per practice are in the order of$1,960 to $5,900 compared to previous estimates of more than $20,000 to $100,000.