Don't forget to update your LCDs!

LCD UpdateBecause LCD (Local Coverage Determination) decisions are updated regularly, the PlatoCode Lookup Manager allows you to download LCD updates on demand. Latest LCDs then can be assessed at coding time to prompt coders and reduce round trips through compliance processes.

If you are aware of LCD changes affecting your facility: use Lookup Manager to download latest LCD decisions as soon as possible.


Season's Greetings!

Plato Xmas


Festive Season Hours

To allow our personnel to take a well-earned break, the California office will remain open Monday-Friday with reduced staffing between 25 December and 2 January. The New Zealand office closes for Summer vacation on 21 December and re-opens on January 9.

Support requests raised in the usual fashion will be attended to by a support skeleton staff over this period. If you have a support contract in Australasia or the UK that includes support outside office hours, you can place a call to the support line and your tickets can be prioritized as usual.

Apart from that, we hope people in the Northern hemisphere are treated to a White Christmas, while those down under get to enjoy a blazing hot Summer Christmas!


Use Platocode CAC on Windows 10

Platocode Testing on the Windows 10 Preview is complete. The good news is that all releases of Platocode Win32 User and Server Win32 applications since January 2015 are working seamlessly under the Windows 10 Preview. You can confidently move to Windows 10 without reinstalling or reconfiguring your Platocode setup.

At this stage we still recommend Win32 (32-bit) rather than x64 (64-bit) Platocode versions because of the wider availability of Win32 ActiveX and other GUI elements in 2015. As the Platocode applications are highly efficient, needing no more than 128MB RAM as a rule, there is no compelling reason to move to x64 at this time even though x64 versions continue to be available.

CAC Document Clusters increased to 60,000

We're seeing some quite large documents generating 300-400 base clusters in the patented part of our system (Clustering is one of the attributes that sets the Platocode CAC engine apart from the statistical and rules-based systems out there.) As a result our principal, Dr John Ryan, has just made an engine change that increases the maximum number of CAC clusters to more than 60,000 per encounter. A binary pattern of that size theoretically is deep enough to contain all of a facility's medical records at once, which creates interesting opportunities for research or epidemiology. But for the purposes of coding: since there is a fresh set of clusters for every chart, we think we will have more than enough capacity for even the longest inpatient record!

New Interface Processor Released

Introducing HL7 Loader: the latest in Platocode interface development! A leaner, meaner interfacing machine, to replace the previous file processor.  HL7loader.exe can process thousands of messages per minute in unsupervised mode, is easily customized, and raises alerts if issues are encountered.

See you in San Diego!

Platocode is exhibiting at the AHIMA Convention again this year, in San Diego. See you there- we're easy to find with our "Platocode lady" booth island and the Platocode lozenge blimp.

Platocode booth and blimp

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