We love San Diego!

We had a great time attending the 86th AHIMA National Convention and Exhibit in San Diego in September! It was wonderful to meet so many of our customers and catch up with industry friends. Thank you to everyone who came by our booth to get a cupcake and celebrate the 21st birthday of CAC with us!

And for all those who entered our drawing to win a free trip to New Zealand--good luck!

CAC Document Clusters increased to 60,000

We're seeing some quite large documents generating 300-400 base clusters in the patented part of our system (Clustering is one of the attributes that sets the Platocode CAC engine apart from the statistical and rules-based systems out there.) As a result our principal, Dr John Ryan, has just made an engine change that increases the maximum number of CAC clusters to more than 60,000 per encounter. A binary pattern of that size theoretically is deep enough to contain all of a facility's medical records at once, which creates interesting opportunities for research or epidemiology. But for the purposes of coding: since there is a fresh set of clusters for every chart, we think we will have more than enough capacity for even the longest inpatient record!

New LCD update tool

We are pleased to announce the release of a new tool to update LCD, CCI, and MUE lookup files. This tool allows files to be downloaded and updated directly from the CMS website as often as desired. This tool gives you complete control over update schedule and allows access to the very latest LCD and other lookups as quickly as they are officially released. Contact Platocode for information on downloading and implementing the tool at your site.

New Interface Processor Released

Introducing HL7 Loader: the latest in Platocode interface development! A leaner, meaner interfacing machine, to replace the previous file processor.  HL7loader.exe can process thousands of messages per minute in unsupervised mode, is easily customized, and raises alerts if issues are encountered.

See you in San Diego!

Platocode is exhibiting at the AHIMA Convention again this year, in San Diego. See you there- we're easy to find with our "Platocode lady" booth island and the Platocode lozenge blimp.

Platocode booth and blimp

New SuperAuditor available

There has been a new release of the SuperAuditor, available from this link: www.platocode.com/releases/auditor/PLATOCODESuperAuditorSetup.exe. Use your usual username and password to access the download.


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